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          My name is Renee. I live in Delaware County, Pa with my family.  A wonderful husband to whom I have been with now for almost 30 years, who supports me in every venture and three really great kids, my youngest boy who is 10, my beautiful, spirited little girl who will be 13 and my first born young man who will be all grown up soon at 18.  They constantly inspire me to keep growing everyday. I have been busy raising my children for the past few years along with painting and designing spaces in my home.  Every room is like a canvas to me, every wall must have something special on it.

       I love art. It speaks to me, mushy as that sounds, but true. Sketching takes me away for many hours at a time sometimes. There are time when my littlest boy and little girl sit with me and pull out their sketch books and create right along with me.  They are all so talented too. I love to paint and have painted for many, many years. I first started with oils on canvas, which I really love. Then discovered acrylic paints and have worked with those on many mural projects for my own children. After having some of my work viewed by friends and neighbors, some have asked me to paint for them as well. Although quite nervous at first I fast overcame that after seeing my art progress.

      A friend asked me, when I first realized I could paint and I thought about that for a bit and realized that I have had that with me all my life but never noticed it as being a blessing.  I owe it all to God.  We are made in his image afterall.  And He is ...the Creator.  Art is creation and creation is art.  So if it is true, and I do believe it is, then, there is in each of us a seed which can grow.  For some of us that seed may be the talent of writing poems, composing music, arranging flowers, cooking a gourmet meal or growing a vegtable garden. It could be designing race cars, building sky scrappers, discovering cures for illnesses, or designing a room.  I believe we all have a creative seed in us waiting to be discovered and to be used. I also believe our well being depends on us finding our talent(s) and expressing them. I have always believed these words to be true; God's gift to us is our life, what we then do with that life, is our gift to God. 

      The answer to my friend was simply that since I was little, I have been surrounded by God and the blessing to see things through the eyes of art.  Someone sees a cloud, I see the colors and curves that make up that cloud.  It's just the way my eyes register what they see. 

 I do love art in all it's mediums and have been doing so for over 30 years now.

       With full confidence in what I do now, I have recently started my mural business. Take a peek at my art. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you are interested in having me paint something for you too, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Have me come out and see what, together we could come up with that would be uniquely yours, a one of a kind, personal to you and you alone piece of art. 

       Thanks so much......

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