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Niki's Bedroom

This was created for a sweet little girl going into the tween stage of her life.  She wanted bold colors but not girly colors.  An assortment of tiny little pieces here and there added the flare this room needed.  An apple green wall with stripes of orange and hot pink helped give all the elements in this room pizzazz. 

There are flowers with all the colors of her room added around the ceiling above the once boring ceiling fan.FLOWERS AROUND AND AROUND




A punch of colored flowers above the closet doors. 

And a night time dreams saying above her bed.







This is now just perfect for the little tween as she heads into the teenage years the room will now grow with her.

 my tweens new room, This was once a dank space.  The old wallpaper was peeling and the doors were falling off.  I spent two hard weeks, peeling paper, filling holes, putting up new doors, spackling, sanding, priming and finally painting this room.  My 9 year old daughter is not a very girlie girl which made chosing the right style a bit difficult until it finally came to me, teens room and not a little girls room.  After asking her her favorite colors the rest came to me. Her only one big request was a window seat. I wanted to have a huge wall built in but our budget would not allow for that and for decorating the space.  So I got furniture and shelving and put the pieces together along with our custom 6 foot built in window seat with storage and now it appears as though it is built in.  I secured every piece to the wall for safety. I picked out every accessory to fill her space. Purple swivel chair, pink desk lamp, blue rug, and pillows in every color from her palete.  Walls are apple green, with hot pink and orange stripping all around. I bought foam from Joannes fabrics and material and made a pillow for the window seat. Purple came because her tv was purlple.  Lamps with covers in all the colors, flowers too, and even found a comforter with all the exact colors. curtains in purple and lavender with beading, picture frames from the good will I painted to match the palet. I even surrounded the ceiling above the ceiling fan with flower walles in her colors. Above her bed is a quote, "always kiss me good night". Every detail was thought out. Now this is my most favorite part of our home and her's too.  Her smile was as big as could be the day of the "reveal" I could not be happier for her.  I hope you like it too., A more inviting, come sleep in me, bed.    , Girls' Rooms Design





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