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This is a mural commissioned by Oasis Fun Center.  

The Oasis Family Fun Center is an all indoor family entertainment center located in Glen Mills, PA.   It has a soft playground, a rock climbing wall and a lazer maze and tons of arcade games.   They also have a full service snack bar and many other yummy eats and treats.  They are open for play all the time and host parties as well.

 This mural took me 5 nights, a total of 22.5 hours.  It is 9 foot long and 7 foot high.  I also sealed the final piece with a seal coat for added protection since this area gets food and fingerprints very often. The mural is located in their food court dining area.

There is an area of the painting to the right, below the plane's banner, that will be for a bulletin board that the owner will display his community events and news.

  I was asked to give the owner a painting with children playing in the community.  I thought the best place in the community for children playing would be a playground.  So I chose that for my location.  The rest was easy to figure.  While sitting at the local park with my own children, I watched carefully the children at play and decided what elements would be showcased in my depicition. 



    I also sat one night and thought of my own children and have "put them into" the mural as well.  Or at least a symbolic representation of them.  The boy skateboarding for instance, is my oldest son, the girl throwing a football, my daughter and the little boy on the blanket playing with a truck, my littlest man.  This was a fun idea and glad I had an opportunity to do this.

   I also incorporated the Center's mascot into the painting it is a fun surprise to find.


This painting was so much fun to paint and I am glad to have had the owner say "wow" when it was finished.  That one word meant much to me. He was very pleased with the "happy children at play".  And so was I.

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