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Rachael's Under the Sea Mural

      This mural was made for a little girl who just moved into a new home.  Her room needed to be such that she felt peaceful and comfortable in her new space.

      She told me she liked dolphins and meremaids.  So after a little bit of research on the net I found the perfect way to display her wishes.


      The mural is 8' x 7' done with acrylics.  This painting took me 4 mornings and a total of 18.5 hours to completion. 

     I added gemstones to the treasure chest and a pearl inside the clam for that added punch.


     Now she closes her eyes every night and the last thing she sees are the dolphins and fishes and every morning she awakes to the wonders of the deep blue sea.

      Her mother told me when they first moved there that she would not sleep in her own room.  Now every evening she is snug in her bed with visions of the grander that is the sea in her head.

    She and her mother are quite pleased with the painting.  I am pleased that she loves it as you can plainly see in the picture below. 

(Rachael on top left)

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