Murals by Renee

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   Are you looking for a special way to personalize your home???  Consider handpainted murals.

Handpainted murals may be the solution you are looking for. Murals are a wonderful way to enhance the personality of your home or business.

      Whether in a bedroom, a doctor's office, a library, a child's room or play area, it often needs an extra special touch to make it just right.  That's where I come in.  I love painting for little children especially.  So that is where I have directed my skills. Using bright, bold colors or soft, calm shadows, a mural will become part of your home or office.

     Hand painted murals from Murals by Renee, are perfect for creating a special place just for kids (adults too will enjoy them).  I will create a special children's area that they will remember for a lifetime. 

      Just imagine; sleeping under the sea or in the middle of a field of brightly colored flowers or a rainbow above the baby's crib, or even a tree by the bed, a vine trailing along a door frame might add just the right amount of pizzazz needed to liven things up.    


Every mural is different.  VINES

They are individually personal to you. 

Every mural is important to me and no job is too small for consideration.TREE





If plainly painted walls are beginning to bore you Call Renee to paint your walls.  Creating beautiful walls in your home or business is what Murals By Renee is all about!

Please browse through my gallery to see what I have painted and to get some ideas and then contact me for a free consultation!

Let Murals By Renee create something special for just for you!

Thank you and enjoy..................